Lost love

To all those I’ve loved and lost.To those who were once held in my arms.To those who made my heart skipOr my tears flow.To the precious moments of silenceAnd the words that once made me choke.To the nights sublimeAnd the

What is death?

What is death?But a door,A chance to marvelAt God’s creation once more. I wonderWhat sun I will see,What new sights,Who will I be? My spiritWith no boundsSeeks more to exploreAdventures to be found. And I prayThat one dayWhen I go

Can a poet be happy?

Can a poet be happy, I truly wonder?Except as a temporary passing whimIf she decides, weary of angst,To allow mundane happiness in.Poetry, for me, means a flight of my soulSoaring past the limits society holds.I exult in joy, and bleed

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