My Valentine

As a child in India, I would read anything I could lay my hands on. And everywhere I could find a few minutes of unoccupied time. I’ve read shampoo instructions, scraps of Hindi newspapers, old magazines, my father’s very adult

Merry Christmas!!

Having spent 8 formative years with Irish Catholic nuns, with daily prayers and hymns, The Lord’s Prayer is instinctively my go to prayer. I feel the spiritual uplift in soaring cathedral spaces, the hypnotic processions of crimson clad cardinals, I

Can a poet be happy?

Can a poet be happy, I truly wonder?Except as a temporary passing whimIf she decides, weary of angst,To allow mundane happiness in.Poetry, for me, means a flight of my soulSoaring past the limits society holds.I exult in joy, and bleed

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