• I promised myself I would laugh again
    I promised myself I would laugh again
    Rebuild foundations and create again.
    Look to the future and plan again
    And once more make myself a friend.
  • Will you love me when
    Will you hold me close
    So I don’t miss them and those
    That I carry with me in open wounds
    I inflicted on myself.
  • New lines
    Another year has marked it’s story on my face.
    Pasted memories carefully in my heart’s crumpled page.
  • Do I exist
    Do I exist
    In the skin I feel over the sinews that move
    In the lights that flicker just past my eyes
    In the relationships that bind me
    The lies you repeat and I believe
  • Fate
    The lines on my palm, scored deep and dark
    Remind me how far I’ve wandered off my path.
    Life happened in the folds and creases
    Of my own hands, of my own doing.
  • Quiet Moments
    One more box, one lonely night, one stormy path,
    At a time. One tear, one year, one paralyzing fear
    Faced and brushed away, drowned in pinks as gaudy
    As these flowers that bloom, this evening, in my home.
  • Everything ends
    Some days, when it seems too hard,
    When something shifts and resettles
    Somewhere deep in the heart
    And cracks appear in the facade.
  • Lost love
    To all those I’ve loved and lost.To those who were once held in my arms.To those who made my heart skipOr my tears flow.To the precious
  • Silence of peace
    In the silence of my peaceI can finally hear my own voiceAs the painful doubts ceasewhat is within is without, by choice. I can close my
  • In me the river flows
    I could notWould notTalk. The words could notWould notForm.In me the river flowsQuietAnd deepAnd strong.As though after months ofBeing frozenSolid, sparkling in the sunHigh there on

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