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SnoPhasePost Original DateLinkTags
118-Apr-13Tales of infertility
2In the relationship5-Feb-14Solitude Feeds My SoulFree
3In the relationship20-Apr-14Is Marriage NecessaryFree
4In the relationship8-Aug-14CensorshipFree
5In the relationship24-Aug-1445th BdayFree
6In the relationship19-Sep-14Difficulty Celebrating BirthdaysFree
7In the relationship14-Nov-14Badi Nani
8In the relationship12-Dec-14Feminism
9I am done18-Dec-14Stay together for the kids- where is the line?Free
10Confusion25-Mar-15The story of a Marriage
11Confusion7-Apr-15New Beginnings
1222-May-15Yearning for Rational Discourse.
1316-Sep-15To leave or not to leave
14I am not a nice person25-Sep-15Gaslighting
15Moving out1-Oct-15I need a new hairdryer
1615-Dec-15Fiction: Resolutions: To cherish
1726-Dec-15Erotica: The need to surrender
18I am a good person9-Jan-16I am a good personFree
19Confusion7-Feb-16Broken Trust
2012-Jun-16Scorched Earth: separation and divorce
2113-Jun-16 The basic disconnecttext
2214-Jun-16 Paranoia after a NPD relationshipFree
232-Apr-17Erotica: Can I write to you?
248-Apr-17Fiction: Pretense
2611-Apr-17Erotica: Blinded
2712-Apr-17The other sideFree; codependency
2812-Apr-17Erotica: Waking Up
3124-Apr-17Still Reactive
32I am a great mother7-May-17Vindicatedmotherhood
331-Jul-17Dad's Handkerchiefs
344-Jul-17Erotica: What everyone can see
35Healing14-Jan-18Erotica: Soldier’s shoulder
36Healing30-May-18A Lost Way of Foodfamily
37Healing30-May-18My father
38Healing1-Jun-18Depression or medical issuesthyroid
39Healing15-Jun-18Reclaiming my spaces pink sarirebuilding
40Healing18-Jun-18Erotica: Welsh coal
41Healing10-Oct-18Motherhood: my greatest challengecodependency
42Healing11-Oct-18Accept responsibility in dysfunctionFree; codependency
43Healing11-Oct-18Reactivity, polarization and codependencyFree; codependency
44Feminism17-Oct-18Why don't women support other womenFree; MeToo
45Healing17-Oct-18Learning to love myself: My boobsFree
46Panic16-Oct-2016Dreams of refugeFree