What is it you want? This seems to be such a difficult question to answer for most people. The very first time you fail, you learn to edit your response.You continue to do so, shaping and pruning your aspirations till they fit a small, achievable bubble that you can whisper to yourself. Then you amend it further to answer others. Till you lose sight of your dreams and passions, and learn to be satisfied with what you have. What are the chances of achieving any of your dreams if you don’t even admit them to yourselves?
What is the worst that can happen? Failure hurts, oh dear lord, it really hurts. It is painful to look like a fool, a naive, trusting, over ambitious simpleton. It is difficult to build credibility, and faith, and friendships, and support. You can lose money, time, health, family – have I missed anything?
But somewhere between these limits, you live out your life.

My feet on the ground, my head in the stars
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