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    The first time I used a laundry machine in the US, I was unaware of the concept of sorting. So of course that virgin load emerged a bright Barbie pink hue! Horrified, I put the clothes
  • Coral Raw Silk
    Photographs of me always take me by surprise. In my mind’s eye, and in my mirror I look very different. But then I shrug and turn away, it wasn’t important how I looked. Externals are just
  • 1990s H4 Bride : CA driver’s license.
    I got my first speeding ticket the day I got my driver’s license in the mail. I had unknowingly “pushed” an unmarked police car. But this didn’t prevent me from falling in love with the soaring
  • 1990s H4 bride: That first “Aunty”
    For the first 22 years of my life, the word Aunty was used for all older women family friends or acquaintance, a tacit honorific used for the social collective of older, usually married, women who vigilantly
  • 1990s H4 Bride: Letters From Home
    All the recent #layoffs reminded me of the anxious years I spent as a #H4bride. It was a different time, but the vulnerability to abrupt dismissal was the same. TLDR: Aerogramme nostalgia Do you remember these