Me, not me

Do you see me?
Past the curve of my eyelid,
The turn of my lips,
My hair unbrushed
Up in a careless twist.
Do you track the moon’s path
With the mood swings?
Decide to be patient
Calm, and loving?
Do you hear the words?
And know what they mean?
Do you ever see the anguish?
That lies just beneath.
Do you see the marks
Of the days passing?
Can you feel the steel bars
Wrapped around expectations?
I do.
And in the fretful noise of life
The silence in me grows.
Morning, noon and night,
Family, house and chores.
You say you loved me for my spirit
For my passion to explore,
And yet I see you happy
With me not me, anymore.

-alka 2015

Poem 1 of “Reflections on Control”

#alkawrites #alkaverse
Poem: Me, not me
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