Are you a human writer? Then you may find yourself wondering how AI will affect your craft. It’s the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about, yet it sits silently and watches our words appear on the page. Will automation take all of our jobs or could an artificial intelligence offer us some assistance with editing and more? In this blog post, we’ll explore what might be possible when artificial intelligence meets writing.

The introduction above was generated using one of the artificial intelligence data generation sites. As a #writer and #artist, I am very curious (and apprehensive) about the value-add roles that would continue to require human input in an increasingly #AI driven world. I have been playing around with the tools, and I can’t deny they are impressive. I can see how AI would further improve from access to topical information on the web along with gradual layering of the user’s tone or voice patterns.

This reminds me about the effect of photography on the art world back in the nineteenth century. The ease with which cameras could reproduce realistic images encouraged artists to explore their role and methods of painting. Starting with #impressionists all the way to #non-fungible token digital paintings, there was the understanding that humans add more to art than mere duplication. So, for a lot of creatives, this is an opportunity to explore their imaginations without the constraints of basic crafts like grammar, spelling, sketching or coloring.

When #NFTs first became more popularly known, they were generally derided as simply jpgs which didn’t have any intrinsic value. I will admit that a lot of the “successful” NFTs were not what I would consider high art. But there was a significant number of truly amazing artists who were able to use #digital tools to create beautiful images.

I think a new breed of writers will emerge who will be able to use the AI tools as the base for enhanced #communication and #storytelling. Much like the impressionists, I expect new forms of narration and #creativity to emerge in response to artificial intelligence produced writing.

AI and writing
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