The satin blindfold was lined to prevent any chance of sneaking a peak, and she wiggled deliciously, tugging gently on the ties that bound her hands to the headboard. She was still tingling from the warming lotion he had rubbed lovingly over her, the musky vanilla smell was divine and she couldn’t wait for what he would do next. They had talked about their fantasies so often, and she had never really imagined she would actually participate in real life but he had been so gently encouraging that she felt daring and adventurous, despite her traditional upbringing. After all her mother had considered even a kiss scandalous and she was way past that. 

She felt his finger trailing up her leg, his heat warming her calves as he separated them, settling in between. She felt a pang of shyness but gave in to the pressure of his hands as he set a tiny vibrator just under her and poured something warm on her freshly shaved lips, separating them and massaging it till they were slick and soft. She sighed as he swept his tongue over her, a tiny bit disappointed that he had forgotten she preferred to have his fingers in her mouth for this, her oral fixation would prevent her from fully enjoying the sensation. 

Just as he circled her clit, she turned her head to bite a mouthful of pillowcase, feeling that immediate rise of pleasure. He slid one then two fingers inside her, nibbling gently, insistently and she moaned, twisting slightly, held in place by his weight. A finger caressed her lips and in the heat of the moment she opened her mouth to lick it, and felt the smooth head rest tentatively right there. She froze momentarily, even as her body started shaking from within. Her mind struggled to comprehend, he was lying across her legs, this had to be someone else. They had talked about threesomes, she had confessed her secret fantasies, the idea of being pleasured by two men a guilty thrill. 

He bit her thigh sharply and her mind cleared in response, and then she swirled her tongue around the edge, settling her self back against his mouth.

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