She moved with easy loose movements, her stride comfortably long, arms gently in counterpoint, energy seemed to flow seamlessly from her into the air around her, as it moved with her. She wasn’t paying attention to the path, even though it was not paved, somehow she wasn’t worried about tripping over the bumps or dips, stepping carefully the way he did. He watched her hips sway, she obviously made no attempt at controlling that feminine trait, and it was hypnotic to watch the strong muscles of her thighs flex and relax under the edge of her short skirt. He wasn’t used to women so comfortable with a guy, alone, on a deserted street, in the middle of the night. She seemed unaware of the possibility of danger, after all she barely really knew him.

He felt irrationally irritated, was she not even considering herself threatened by someone like him? Had he become so much not a man that she could feel safe, as though he had been neutered, rendered tame and harmless? He wondered what she would do if he let his hand slide in between the soft skin of her thighs, firmly, and oh so easily, just hold her there, gather her hair in his other hand, arch her back to see the look in her eyes as he kissed her. Bit her lush lower lip.

She looked back at him with a small smile, as though she sensed his mood, her eyes mocking but warm, as if to invite him to join in on some private joke. He didn’t smile back, his gaze suddenly hungry and intense, letting her see what he had kept in check. He let the silence stretch, unwilling this time to prattle and lecture, not feeling the need to reassure her, comfort her, instead to let her know that he wanted her. Her smile died and she looked away, and yet without hesitation continued walking down the usual path till she came to the final bend.

He walked up to her till he stood right behind her, pressing her gently into the fence, moving into her carefully guarded space. This was the first time he had felt her against him, and she looked up at him, assessing the look on his face, her hands still clasping the wire behind her. He unhooked her hands and held them behind her in one firm fist, then deliberately moved up the side of her torso, following the curve of her waist, the arch of her back, the softness of her neck. His face was barely an inch away from hers, his breath softly tickling her lips, as she stood still quiet, still unafraid, as he allowed his hand to curve around her breast, cupping and shaping her, his thumb restlessly moving over a firm nipple. Her eyelids fluttered close, as she focused on the sensations that his skillful touch created, and she sighed softly. He bent his head and kissed her, licking into her mouth with a rough invasion, sucking on her tongue, teasing and inviting her to explore as well.

His hands moved to grasp her butt, lifting her against his pelvis, gently grinding against her to make her aware of his desire. She felt the hard wooden post behind her, and the cold wire, and realized he had slid his hands under her skirt, his fingers skimming the edge of her panties. She wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on tip toes to kiss him back, permitting him to push one knee between her legs. His hands explored the velvety skin as she moaned into his mouth.

It took them both a few minutes to remember they were in a public place, however isolated, and they broke the kiss, trying to calm down. She looked up at him, and once again she smiled teasing, mocking. He let his fingers move slightly, and she gasped but raised her chin in challenge, pressing against his obvious arousal.

“We should talk,” he whispered roughly.
“No, not yet.” She slowly moved away from him, and with a slight moment of resistance, he let her move away.
“We should talk!”
“We don’t need to. Till I want to.”
“What makes you think you can do this? ” his voice was only mildly interested, as though checking on some minor curious fact.
“Because I know myself. And you. And I know I can walk with you, at midnight, alone, and nothing will happen. Because I know this is special. Because this is magic. ” she started walking back towards the cars, her voice clear in the night air.
He stood there against the fence, looked up at the stars and sighed. Then he also followed her down the trail.

Sometimes Its Just Music
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