Mutual consent is required for any sexually based interaction.
That is where the line is. If you have a sexually charged interest in a woman/man, you have the right to introduce yourself, start the process of relationship. At some point they will let you know what they feel in return. If they indicate they are interested in further exploration, great, move forward.
****That is the point of consent. When two individuals agree to engage in exploration of sexual interest in each other. ****
Otherwise accept the refusal and move on. This shows how you understand the other person has the right to choose and you have the ability to control your behavior.
No one has the right to continue expressing sexual interest in someone who has made it clear that they are not interested. Similarly no one has the right to shame someone who has expressed an interest in sexually engaging with another person.
This indicates mutual respect and acknowledgement that each has a right to a life free of unwanted sexualization, and yet be able to engage in relationships without judgement.
The problem that currently exists in Indian culture is that the right to express interest has itself been demonized. A woman is not allowed to express any sexual interest and so is not able to accept the invitation to a relationship with out social baggage. This cultural belief has been further twisted in Indian men who want to engage but either get frustrated because the woman refuses OR gets judgmental when she does because that implies she is or could be promiscuous. If society could live with the idea that a woman can be sexual without being promiscuous, only then can this problem be solved.
At that point, consent suddenly looks very normal, natural like any other interaction, like a debate. You can consent to engage in a debate or not. If you don’t consent to engage, it’s ok. No one will judge you for that. That doesn’t give the other person the right to shout their arguments at you. If you do consent, you may win or lose. If you win, great. If you lose, no one will say you should never have debated.

What is consent?
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