They had a great backyard, the deck looked out over the bay, and far in the distance one could see the other side of the peninsula. The air was a little cool but the sudden silence was welcome after the buzz of the crowd inside. There were so many people that she hadn’t seen him, though she knew she would meet him at some point, it was his house.
Everyone had come, of course. No one would ignore the invitation from the most popular hostess, always vivacious and warm, charmingly dressed and anxious to make sure each guest was taken care of. She had obviously taken great pains to plan the get together, and had been careful to personally welcome Mina, a supportive smile in place, soothing encouraging words flowing over her. Mina felt herself instinctively rebel against the handling, but had forced herself to respond calmly, she knew everyone meant well. But after an hour, she had to take a break, and had chosen to slip out through the French doors in the kitchen.
The frozen rocks in the Mac clinked flatly, she saw him once she knew where to look. He sat in the shadows behind the door, only his boots and the hand carelessly holding the crystal tumbler were even discernible. In that shared moment of escape, she didn’t feel like making conversation, and took a long sip from her cocktail. He leaned forward, she could see the silver strands catch the light, hair carelessly ruffled, just a smidge to long. His level gaze stayed on her, and suddenly she shivered. The tiny movement seemed to precipitate some decision in him, and he walked over to where she leaned against the rails. He placed his hands very deliberately on either side of her, and leaned in, his lips a breath away from hers.
“This is where you tell me,” he murmured. She could only look helplessly at his lips, as they moved and molded themselves to form the words. When she didn’t respond, he leaned a little closer and traced the outline of her upper lip with his tongue, lingering at the sensitive corner as she closed her eyes.
“Stop me, you know you think you should,” his breath was warm in her ear, as he left tiny soft kisses at the tender spot just under her ear. She arched back, pressing herself more fully against him, unable to bring herself to say the words. He pressed in on her as well, deftly shifting her legs apart and grinding slowly into that most sensitive part of her. She gasped as he bit down on her lip, and tasted the sour whisky he had been drinking. For a brief moment she lost herself in the sensations which flooded through her, and then she pulled away.
He let go of her as soon as she straightened, his lips twisted in a bitter smile. He tossed off the last of the drink and then walked out through the gate, and moments later she heard his motorcycle roar away.
She breathed in deeply, trying to steady herself.
“Mina, you know you should not be alone like this. Come, be with everyone. I know you feel out of place because your marriage broke up but we are all friends, na? We will help you fix yourself, and then who knows, maybe you will find someone as loving and wonderful as my Shiv. I can’t tell you how lucky I feel. Though of course I think it is because we have such good communication, you know? We understand each other. That’s what was wrong with your relationship. No communication. It is key, you know? That and respect. You should respect each other. It is very important.
Sometimes you know, you can be a little harsh. I am always careful about showing respect. But then of course things just can go wrong. That’s ok. Anyway it’s not our age to worry about men shen. Now we have kids old enough to do that. Come, let’s all us women sit down and chat. We have done enough work, na? Now our husbands will take care of us. Ooops. I did not mean… Where is Shiv? I haven’t seen him all evening!! Must be showing off his new bike to the guys. He is so sociable. Always so helpful. I am so lucky you know?!!”

To be that lucky
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