She sighed, shaking her head. She had forgotten to pick up a spoon when she had served herself from the buffet set out on the dining table. Briefly she contemplated using her fingers but just then a spoon magically appeared in front of her face, held in the hand attached to her husband’s arm. He smiled down at her, nodded when she thanked him and then walked away to where the men were discussing the game. All her girlfriends aww’ed and told her how lucky she was. But then she knew that! They had been married only 4 years, and she knew that she was loved and cared for. Gentle and kind, he had made her the center of his world, anticipating every wish, and brushing away all problems.
He felt happiness glow inside him, warming him, soothing him. He heard the other women tell her how fortunate she was, and some of the guys rolled their eyes, joshing him about how he made them look bad. He didn’t care, he wasn’t really close to any of them. Five years ago, when he decided to get married, he had made a resolution that his wife would be his best friend, that he would cherish her above all else, and she would love him. So when they had been introduced, the marriage had been arranged, and six months later, the wedding held, he had resolved that this marriage would be perfect, no matter what it took, it would be a happily ever after!
“So you all have to come for the exhibition!” She exclaimed, handing out the flyers. “All my paintings will be part of the show. I have some collages as well. None of them are for sale, he said I should keep them for a private show maybe next year. I’m so proud of myself, I never imagined I would be able to actually leave my HR job and devote myself to something I love. I am learning so much from Sophia. She is the most amazing teacher, and she thinks I have so much potential. I am so grateful to him, he has been so understanding as I have spent almost all my days and nights at the studio.”
He saw her handing out the cards. Something would have to be done. He thought he was taking care of her possible distraction when he persuaded her to leave the corporate job and paint instead. He thought it would be a hobby, and her attention would stay on him. She was bright and funny and so exciting, he felt so alive when she smiled at him, as though his world, previously grey and boring, suddenly blazed with color. She had such passion for everything to which she turned her attention. He hadn’t realized she would be this good at creating vivid portraits. Sometimes it felt like she left a bit of herself in every painting, and he felt jealous as others took the paintings away.Something would have to be done about that, he needed all her attention.
He knew she wanted to travel. Maybe he should take Ravi up on the plan to move to Brussels for a year to supervise the development. Touring Europe with her would be amazing, he knew she was passionately interested in history and art.He would make a list of all the places she wanted to go, make all the arrangements, he knew exactly the hotels she liked, and the kinds of tours she would like to take. He should start reading up as well, it would help when she talked to him. He would make her so happy if he could be as excited about the places they would visit.He could just imagine her happiness, happiness that he had caused. After that, maybe a baby? His eyes focused on her again, her lovely face was brightly animated as she described her vision for her own show the next year.
She tried to get herself to shut up, she had been talking too long, but it was just so validating. It had been a major decision to leave her job, but she felt vindicated by the interest shown in her art by all the critics. She knew she was far from being good enough to make a living selling her paintings, but she knew there was something special about her work. She just needed to stay positive till the show next year – and she would work harder with Sophia and Vincent.They had arranged for her to learn from two other famous painters, and she hoped that would make the difference. She caught him looking at her, and smiled at him. She was incredibly lucky to be cherished so much, she knew.

Resolutions: To cherish
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