She hesitated for a moment, her eyes scanning the tiny bottles of essential oils, then picked up the musk- vanilla- sandalwood combination and added a few drops to the bathtub. Immediately the steamy air felt heavy, sensual, as tendrils of the fragrance drifted upwards. She tested the water, hot but bearable, and stepped in delicately, sinking in with a sigh. Her tired muscles slowly loosened in the heat, and she let her head rest against the soft towel she had folded at the edge. Her dark smudged eyes drifted shut.
Her hair curled in wild tendrils, her skin softly gleaming in the low light as she walked naked towards the full length decorative mirror. Her body was still damp, droplets of water still clung here and there, catching and reflecting the lamp’s golden glow. As she smoothed lotion over her feet, up the curve of her fleshy calf, the puckered knees and the dimpled plump thighs, her stomach curled into folds around the line of her c section scar, the sweep inwards of her waist and the flare of her shoulders. Her hands lightly cupped the heavy sagging breasts and massaged in the richly scented cream, lingering on the pouting nipples, delicately pinching and twisting them. She brushed her hair out, and it fell in waves down her shoulders, tiny curls still wet behind her ears. She leaned forward to examine her eyes, tiny lines fanning out, and her strong buttocks flexed and tensed, teasingly hinting at more.
In the mirror, her eyes held steady, still for a moment, and then she deliberately moved her legs to widen her stance, shifting her weight, bending forward even more. The lush curves were accented further, the steady strong thighs parted proudly. Her breasts swung slightly, and she ran a hand lightly, tracing the meandering lines of her body.
The deep wine colored lace had tiny roses embroidered on it, and stretched softly as she moved. The corset cinched with gold laces, the boning placed carefully and padded well to avoid any accidental pressure. Her hips seemed impossibly curvaceous, with a barely there triangle and lacy strips tied in a pretty bow that presented an irresistible invitation. The shelf bra left her nipples bare, supported her breasts in some marvel of construction that made them look sulkily full and exquisitely presented.
She shrugged on a long black trench coat, and belted it tightly at the waist. Tall soft black leather boots and a tiny purse were added, and then a long thin black whip was unearthed from the back of the closet. Just before she picked up her car keys, she paused at the console on the wall, and looked straight at the camera there, and smiled slightly. Then she punched the off button and his screens went dark.

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