He leaned against the picnic table, looking a little rumpled, the dark slacks needed ironing, hair just a bit too long, curling in the slight breeze, tired eyes blinking behind glasses, tiny lines between tense eyebrows. She stepped up close to him, and gently pushed back his hair, smoothing it back into place, her face barely two inches away from his, the space between their bodies merely a deep breath’s distance. His eyes sharpened, as he waited, letting her take the lead, letting her decide. He had been patient for a month, carefully staying at arm’s length, never indicating by gesture or word that he expected or wanted more.
She patted his cheek and kissed him on the forehead, gently, then her hands fell awkwardly to her sides, nervously rubbing her fingertips along the seam. She didn’t step away, but met his gaze squarely, and for a long moment they stayed like that. Finally she leaned in and pressed a kiss at the corner of his mouth, letting the tip of her tongue flick his skin. He moved then, his hands gathering her in, pulling her against his body, one staying low, the other caressing upwards to cup her face, angle it so he could kiss her, hungrily, the passion finally spilling over, overt now.
She too pressed herself against him, losing herself in the moment, feeling strangely powerful as she met his eager heat. He shifted his stance to settle back on the table, pulling her even closer, and she stiffened slightly.
“What happened?” He breathed against her mouth, not letting her move too far.
“Just ..umm felt something.. unexpectedly hard,” she grinned, teasing. Her fingers moved hesitantly, as she shifted back a little. He frowned mildly, then his brow cleared and he smiled.
“Oh I got that door alarm we discussed. Now that you are living in a new apartment, you need to be careful. Just set it every night under the door so no one can enter. ”
He dug into his pocket and pulled out the cylindrical object that lay there, opening his palm for her to see. A bright blue wooden train engine made her laugh, and he grinned sheepishly as well. His kids had spent the last couple nights with him, and he had obviously forgotten to drop off all the toys when they had returned to his ex wife earlier today. He stuffed the toy back into his pocket and sighed, knowing he would have to drive back 15 miles so his daughter wouldn’t get upset.
She hugged him hard, and kissed him again.
“Go, drop it and come back. I’ll get dinner and you can show me how to set that alarm.”

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