There was a soft rustle in the darkness, and a moment later the bed dipped as he climbed under the comforter to find her warmth. In her sleep, she sighed and turned on her side, curled up, facing the wall, her butt curving lavishly. He settled beside her, on his back, struggling for a moment with his conscience. He should let her sleep, but ….
He turned towards her, one hand tangling in long loose black silky curls while the other slowly slid down the curve of her waist, hooked around and then slide up between her soft yielding breasts. His fingers curved around the base of one, lazily rubbing his thumb across one suddenly hard nipple. She stirred in her sleep and moved back against him, her firm derrière pressing into his groin, and he groaned slightly as his erection pressed into her. He kissed the exposed nape of her neck, unable to resist the soft peachy skin, and caught the hint of some sulky heavy perfume she had probably applied hours ago, which made him want to lick the trail over the sleep warmed skin. She arched gently against him and made a soft sound in her throat, then turned her head to be kissed.
He looked down at the beautiful familiar face, the eyelashes fanned across her cheeks, thick eyebrows which framed her face, the determined strong chin that jutted in silent command. And he lowered his head and softly touched her lips with his own, feather light, barely breathing. She smiled softly, murmuring something in her sleep and he swiped his tongue in the crease between her lips. Her eyelids fluttered and slowly opened, her eyes still languorously heavy with sleep. She looked up at him in silence, and opened her mouth slightly, the tip of her tongue appearing at the corner of her mouth. He kissed her then, deeply, with a sense of drowning in her, desperate to feel even closer, angling his head to push his tongue deep into her mouth as his body pushed into hers.

And then he kissed her
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