Why can’t you see?

Diamond dust sparkled like rain
Drifting softly over miniature lanes.
Winding through rows of cozy homes
Windows through which warm lights shone.
Tiny dads and tinier moms
Smile incessantly all day long
As little kids sedately sit
Eat broccoli as if they like it.
Softly glowing, jewels encrusted
Velvet pillow, lushly tufted
In proudly shining golden sheen
With me as beloved cared for queen.

But look, my feet splash through puddles muddy
In fearless abandon, in glorious glee.
Bleeding lips and horribly scraped knees.
Live life large or let me be.
Will not sit on the golden throne
In your exquisitely perfect little snow globe
In flawed beauty, in very dearly valued honesty
With your closed mind, do you even see me?
Unspoken rules, broken daily.
It’s not rebellion, you need to see
Precious as it may be to thee
I am not, can not, will not be your queen.


Aug 2015

Why can’t you see?
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